How to Grill Shrimp in Foil? A Recipe and Helpful Tips!

Today, shrimp is one of the most popular and affordable seafood. Much like other grilled seafood recipes, it perfectly replaces heavy meat, is less high-calorie, completely non-greasy, contains little to no monounsaturated fat, and cooks very quickly – you just need to grill the shrimp in foil packs for a couple of minutes.

However, when it comes to holiday dishes and the need to figure out how to grill them beautifully in shell, most housewives do not know how to grill shrimp in foil packs.

Thus, we are giving you a shrimp in foil recipe all the moms would appreciate, as well as a wide array of helpful tips from our recipe notes store so that you can impress your friends!

Grilling shrimp foil packets

Shrimp in foil is a great way to make a quick and waste-free meal. It is simple and does not get your kitchen dirty.

Thus, with our recipe, you’ll get a quick meal that will be faster and tastier than in some restaurants.

Not to mention that by grilling shrimp in foil you can feed a group of friends a tasty meal in around 10 minutes!

Shrimp foil packet recipe

For grilling shrimp in foil, you should take large specimens of these crustaceans. Of course, small ones can also be used.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that during the cooking process the shrimp in foil will become even smaller.

Required Products:

  • Peeled shrimp
  • Chopped deveined parsley
  • Chopped butter
  • Small pieces lemon
  • Minced garlic or garlic powder
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Aluminum foil
  • Olive oil
  • Old bay seasoning or Cajun seasoning

Before you start to cook, shrimps should first be peeled, but can be left in the shell. So, they will retain their juiciness and their unique taste. When buying ingredients for grilling shrimp, count on at least 150 grams of seafood per person.

How to grill shrimp in foil

Step 1

Before grilling shrimp in foil, preheat the grill to 400 degrees F. We advise that you use a charcoal grill, but any grill will do.

Step 2

Make foil packets for shrimp. You can find complete instructions for making a foil pack for grilling shrimp in foil down below!

Step 3

Mix lemon wedges and lemon juice, olive oil, juiced minced garlic, as well as all other ingredients except parsley in the mixing bowl or any other large bowl. Add shrimp to this mixture in the aluminum foil pack. Don’t forget to add salt! Adding seasoning is also advisable. We recommend using some old bay seasoning or Cajun seasoning.

Step 4

Carefully open the grill (remember the high heat!), and put the shrimp in it. Grill the shrimp in foil at medium-high heat (400 degrees F) for 8-10 minutes until the shrimp foil packets are done.

Step 5

Remove the shrimp from the grill, carefully open the foil packet and sprinkle it with fresh parsley. If desired, the dish can be sprinkled with lemon juice and melted butter.

And you are done grilling shrimp! Now your shrimp foil packets are finished and this amazing complete meal is ready to be served.

How to make foil packets for shrimp?

To make foil packets, you will need 2 12″ regular foil sheets per bag. Using 2 sheets of heavy-duty foil ensures that you can completely wrap the ingredients of your grilled shrimp foil packets so they are not directly exposed to heat.

Step 1

Place all ingredients in the center of the foil and close the bag tightly so it traps the steam inside.

Step 2

To seal the foil, bring the long edge of the foil to the opposite long edge and fold them tightly together. Fold the sealed edge about 1 inch, then continue to fold it 1 inch at a time until the sealed edge is flush with the top of the foil packet. Treat the short sides of the foil packet in the same way.

The foil packet for your amazing meal is finished!

Helpful tips

  • Large species of shrimp are better for grilled shrimp foil packets, as it is harder to cook them too much. 
  • Fresh shrimp is more advisable to use with this recipe than frozen shrimp, however, you can still go with frozen shrimp. The problem with frozen shrimp is the increased chance that it will grill unevenly, making them harder to cook.
  • If you don’t want your shrimp to lose its taste and texture, make sure not to cook it too much in the foil pack. A pink tint on each side of a grilled shrimp is a sign that it is cooked.
  • When making grilled shrimp in foil packets make sure to make them multi-layered so that they don’t tear on the grill
  • Cook a side dish (red potatoes with butter and garlic for example), so that your meal feels diverse! More on that is below.

What to serve with grilled shrimp?


A simple, healthy, and tasty recipe, which is very popular in Mediterranean countries. Such a side dish is suitable for any seafood, especially grilled shrimp.

Vegetable side dish

For a side dish for grilled shrimp, any vegetable mixture that needs to be stewed in a saucepan is suitable for shrimp.

Such a delicious and healthy dinner can be prepared in just half an hour.

Vegetables can be combined according to your taste, as well as seasoning (we recommend some good old bay seasoning!). For example, you can pick cooked red potatoes in small chunks, cherry tomatoes, and fresh herbs with some garlic, salt, parsley, and butter.

Rice with vegetables

This Asian-inspired side dish goes well with fried or grilled shrimp. If you cooked shrimp without a shell, you can mix them with a side dish and serve them as a single dish.

What type of Shrimp is best for Grilling?

White leg Shrimp

White leg, or simply, white Pacific shrimp, is the most common and popular type of this delicacy.

The flesh of this species is very soft and juicy, and in size they are included in the category of “grand” shrimp.

Tiger Shrimp

This ocean dweller is well known to every admirer of seafood cuisine.

The tiger shrimp is considered a very elite product, which is not inferior in size to the white-footed one, but advantageously differs in its appearance – brown or dark green stripes along the body.

King Shrimp

King shrimp can most often be found at your local supermarket or as part of classic restaurant dishes.

It has a neutral taste with a sweet aftertaste, and a medium compact size.

Atlantic Shrimp

Atlantic or northern shrimp belongs to the variety of cold water shrimp. It inhabits mainly the waters of the ocean of the same name.

It is a medium-sized wild breed, which makes it suitable for any type of processing.

Check also how to cook crab legs on the grill.

Nutrition facts

Grilled shrimp are actively consumed during a protein diet. Seafood is very beneficial for the health of adults and children. They contain vitamins, beneficial trace elements, omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, and a lot of protein. This is a Mediterranean recipe, after all!

If you’re going on vacation, consider beach camping in San Diego and don’t forget to bring your grill. The city is famous for its seafood, so you can enjoy fresh fried shrimp every day.

Nutritionists and doctors recommend everyone to include seafood in their diet.

Shrimps are prepared simply and quickly, most of the time is taken by the preparation stage, but the result is worth it. The shrimps are tender and juicy, making the shrimp foil packet recipe very successful. However, try it yourself!


Can I make this recipe in advance?

Of course, you can cook it in advance! In fact, this recipe is ideal for this scenario. Just make the shrimp foil packs according to our recipe and place them in a fridge. The next day, just heat them and they are ready to be served!

This makes this meal ideal for busy people who don’t want to resort to fast food. It is fast, nutritious, and easy to preserve. A great option for people in the lazy day cooking club!

How long does it take shrimp to cook on the grill?

Usually, it takes around 8 to 10 minutes at a temperature of 400 degrees F to cook shrimp in foil packets. Ideally, it takes around 15 minutes for the whole recipe to be complete. The quickness of the whole process lets you get some dinnertime and save hours with your family.

What’s the best way to grill raw shrimp?

The most convenient and easy way to grill shrimp in foil packets is to use our recipe! It is quick and simple and you can easily scale it according to your appetite and the number of guests.

Do you use raw shrimp for grilling?

Raw shrimp is the best choice for the grill, though precooked shrimp will work. Due to safety and flavor concerns, do not refreeze shrimp that have been thawed out.

Do you have to flip shrimp when grilling?

Yes, you’ll need to flip the shrimp one time, as soon as one side gains a pink hue.

Can I use Frozen Shrimp?

Yes, you can! But you probably shouldn’t be grilling frozen shrimp. It makes the outside tough and cooks unevenly, tending to leave the inside raw. You can make the shrimp boil for a couple of minutes if it is frozen to mitigate that.

How do I store shrimp foil packets?

Very easily, actually. Just get an airtight container and put any leftover shrimp you have in there. Then, just put it in the freezer.
 Make sure to finish them up within 3 days, otherwise, your shrimp foil packets will go bad!


This recipe easily scales up to serve more people and can be your go-to main course to cook for large parties, with some side dish, such as potatoes with butter.

Aside from the minimal prep time that can be done ahead of time, it all comes down to putting the bags together and tossing them in the oven for a few minutes, letting you reclaim precious family time.

Thus, make sure to share this article with your friends and relatives to make sure that they are aware of this wonderful recipe! We are sure this easy recipe will become your family favorite!

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